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    Norfolk sand: Has a colossal experiment worked?

    Millions of tonnes of sand were shifted to part of the Norfolk coast - have they held back the sea? BBC online marketing
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    Will Apple be the last US tech giant left in China?

    As Microsoft closes down the main version of LinkedIn, Apple looks more alone in China than ever. Continue reading... seo forum
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    Twitter says Online Safety Bill needs more clarity

    The government says it will tackle extreme posts but Twitter warns Ofcom will be "muddling through". Continue reading... seo forum
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    Robo-cat waiters come to restaurant chain and other news

    Jen Copestake looks at the best of the week's technology news stories. Continue reading... seo forum
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    Amazon sees fresh push to unionise in New York

    Warehouse workers in Staten Island hope to organise, in the latest labour push at the firm. Continue reading... seo forum
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    Twitter's algorithm favours right-leaning politics, research finds

    The social-media giant has found tweets from parties on the political right are "amplified" more. Continue reading... seo forum
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    How to plug the UK into desert sunshine

    One company plans to build the world's longest electricity cable to connect Morocco to the UK. Continue reading... seo forum
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    Kenyan northern white rhino Najin retired from breeding scheme

    Najin, 32, has been part of a programme in Kenya trying to save her species from extinction. BBC online marketing
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    COP26: PM warned over aid cuts ahead of climate summit

    Government advisers express "deep concern" at planned reductions in aid spending before COP26. BBC online marketing
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    Climate change will bring global tension, US intelligence report says

    Countries will argue over a response and the poorest will suffer most, US intelligence says. BBC online marketing
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    Robot artist Ai-Da released by Egyptian border guards

    Authorities, who held the robot for 10 days, feared that it may have been hiding covert spy tools. Continue reading... seo forum
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    British entrepreneur sells company to Twitter

    Nick D'Aloisio previously sold an app to Yahoo when he was only 17 years old. Continue reading... seo forum
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    What is Climate Justice?

    Who is responsible for climate change and who should take the lead in trying to fix it? BBC online marketing
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    South Korea launches first homegrown space rocket Nuri

    The launch completes all its stages but fails in its goal of putting a dummy satellite in orbit. BBC online marketing
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    Vikings settled in North America in 1021AD, study says

    Scientists say they have precisely dated a camp in Newfoundland, Canada, thanks to a new technique. BBC online marketing

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